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Casino win margins vary by type of casino game

There is no difference between an online casino and a casino on the internet then there is a difference between internet shopping and shopping online, but, strangely enough, very little, or no, people refer to an internet casino. This is exactly the opposite of a café where we always refer to an internet cafe and never have to go to an online cafe probably because an online café would be difficult to enjoy a drink in. Online casinos, however, also something that does not seem logical and that is the live casino. Live in this sense suggests that what happens when you look at it, but of course that’s true of all the online casino action. What the live casino is trying to say is that there are people who are involved rather than just a random number generator, which is used in the normal online casino games so maybe a better description would be live dealer casino. It can’t be called in real casinos, because the majority of live casino options are not coming from a real casino, but instead of a room somewhere, often in Eastern Europe, which is equipped with the necessary tables and of course cameras. There are three online casinos, know where the live casino is an actual casino building and they are All Irish Casino, NO Casino Bonus and free Spins Casino. In any case, the live casino is played from Malta and although it’s still a room that is separate from the actual casino is at the very least in the same building.

The original idea of having a live casino was to better simulate a real casino with real dealers, but unfortunately lacks the atmosphere. There is something about a real casino with people milling around and getting excited, and can’t be repeated online. There is a certain amount of fun that can be had by people watching in a casino, even if you don’t gamble yourself, but also, of course, play casino games for real money is much more exciting. The live casino option at online casinos unfortunately miss this as you will only be able to use the table and the dealer and nothing else, even when other people are playing. This seems not to disturb many people who play in the live casino, as their reason for choosing it is probably different from the original idea. There are those Irish casino players who think the random number generator used in online casinos are somehow rigged against the player and as a consequence they prefer to see a dealer dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. While this doubt is understandable, a good online casino, such as any of those listed in have very regular checks on their Rng’s to ensure that they are producing random results. The other point is that the online casino has no real reason to try to mess with the RNG, even if it was possible if they always have a margin in a casino game.

the margin on The casino games of online casinos vary from game to game and speak in general terms of the relationship between your commitment level and the ability to win the level of impact on the margin. For example Blackjack has a very limited maximum profit versus bet level, and is in fact 3:2 what are the odds payable for a Blackjack. The margin for the casino is also correspondingly small. It is difficult to specify exactly what that margin is, but if you think about the game of Blackjack, the only benefit that the dealer is that the player is playing first and if they bust they lose despite the fact that the dealer also bust later on. This margin is quite small. With Roulette on the other hand, it is possible to win on a single number with odds of 35:1. The margin here is clearer, there are 37 numbers including the zero, but the payout is 35:1. Be careful of the American Roulette casino game has two zeros, but one number to win still pays 35:1. The margin for the casino in the American Roulette is much higher, so it should be avoided if possible. The largest margins at online casinos on the casino slots where it is possible to make huge profits with small bets. The margins on the casino slots also vary and they are generally is formulated as a payout percentage. A 96% payout for example, means that for an average of €100 staked, €95 will be paid by the machine. These are averages over a long period of time, and of course, jackpots where to apply, so don’t expect to get back €95 moment that your bet of €100 that is not the way it works. Maybe you get nothing or quite a lot, but that is what casino slots are all about. The payout percentages at online casinos are almost certainly better than at land based casinos, for the simple reason that the general costs are lower and you can see that for yourself if you are lucky enough to go to a land based casino, where the payout percentage can often be found listed on the front of the machine. This is often as low as 75% to 80%, but online casino slots are almost always above 90% and sometimes around 95%. This is quite a difference.

All Irish Casino even goes so far as to quote the payout percentages for the live casino Roulette is more than 97%, Punto Banco is more than 98%, and Blackjack is about 99.3% based on playing perfect strategy. Punto Banco is the same casino game Baccarat, but some casinos call it one and some the other. This variation in the payout percentage is what makes an online casino attractive if you want big returns you need to take big risks, but if you are satisfied with smaller returns than play those games with a small casino margin.

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Foxin’ Wins Is A Very Foxin’ Christmas

Foxin’ Wins A Very Foxin’ Christmas is a video slot powered by Nextgen gaming. The theme of the slot is Christmas and you can see that the fox to enjoy this festive season. It is a five reel and twenty five payline video slot. The game is available to play on desktop and mobile devices. The players love to play the slot if it has a lot to offer, including random cash prizes, 2x multiplier along with free spins, and the Super Bet function. You can see the cute Fox Pups landing on the five reels and generate the payouts for you..

the Gameplay of Foxin’ Wins A Very Foxin’ of Christmas

To start the reels, you will need to place a bet that can vary from 0.25 to 0.50. The Foxin’ Wins A Very Foxin’ Christmas is a festive touch added by the happy soundtrack and the christmas tree behind the screen. The symbols of the slot are the cards 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The other symbols are the christmas tree, the snow globes, wads of cash, and fox powered sports cars. The Wild symbol of the slot is Fox wearing santa hat which can substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol. It is the most valuable symbol that can give you up to 80x the bet for landing 5 on a pay line.

Special Features

Foxin’ Wins A Very Foxin’ Christmas offers you the Super Bet feature to play to help you improve in the game and you can win huge payouts. This is an extra bet feature that allows the wild symbol appears on more than one reel will give you options such as:
Super Bet feature: Here, Fox puppy gets appeared only on reel 3 and you can turn away from a bet between 0.25 to 625 per spin.
Super Bet Level1: you can spin away here from 0.35 to 875 and the wild symbol can appear on three of the reels of reel 2 through 5.
Super Bet Level2: Here, the spin can vary from 0.50 up to 1,250 per spin and in the wild symbol can land on all five reels.
There is also a Free Games feature which is activated once you land three or more of the Pots of Gold symbols on the reels and you get 10 free games to play. Here are all the prizes won are doubled and the game can also be retriggered.


Foxin’ Wins A Very Foxin’ Christmas is a good RTP to offer to the players, i.e. 95.61%. The players even get a random bonus in the Leprechaun Shakedown feature of the players rejoice. On an on, it is an exciting slot to play.

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In December, many special offers from your online casino

It would be nice if, as we are approaching Christmas, which is one of the online casinos said: “here is $ 1000, play for free casino and all wins”. It would be nice but it’s not going to happen. There are, however, involves a number of special offers this December from many of the online casinos recommended by, but if the exact offers are announced only on the day of may not tell you what they are going to be, so keep your eyes open and log in regularly to see what is going on and you don’t want to miss. What can tell Irish casino players, is that All Irish Casino is giving free spins at games, such as: Planet of the Apes, Fruit Shop, Flowers and Secrets of Christmas plus AllIrishCasino has prepared exciting hunts for the free spins lovers to go on everything what they need to do is follow the tips and the free spins, all of them! Also in December, AllIrishCasino players will find bonus deals on the Santa’s Wild Ride and have a great Holiday and on christmas day itself, AllIrishCasino will surprise players with a gift of free spins in the Christmas spirit. This is not free casino exactly, but these are very festive offers that you cannot miss. To take a shortcut to see what’s there each day to .

All Irish casino is of course not the only online casinos have special offers in December. For example, CasinoCasino brings the tidings of joy for every player during the holidays by offering SuperSpins and MiniSpins on games like Fire and Ice, the Planet of the Apes, Hot Scatter, and many others, and look out for the presents under the tree on christmas morning. Make sure you check out Shop Fruit, Flowers and the Secrets of Christmas. Surprises will be there only for CasinoCasino players, so if you have not registered yet get your skates on. Again, take the shortcut to see what happens on To help you in the Christmas spirit Yako Casino will help you feel merry and bright for the whole of December. Games such as Flowers, Secrets of the Christmas and Fruit Shop will be a Monster Spins for the players, but also bonuses for the players with the biggest stocking full of spins. Yako Casino will also a number of free spins on Rock ‘ n ‘Roll enthusiasts in the Guns’ n ‘roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead and also for players who enjoy favourites, such as Planet of the Apes, Gonzo’s Quest, Shangri-La and more. Not free casino but the next best thing and not to forget the Christmas Day there will be a few small gifts under the tree.

The nearest thing to free casino every day of the year can be found at the Freespins Casino, the online casino where each deposit gives the player free spins on a selection of casino slots. There are three different types of free spins which can be claimed and they are regular, super and monster, but of course there is always the possibility of not receiving free spins Play your free spins on an online casino that is a bit like playing free casino where it is almost inevitable that will be played in profit. In this case, however, you need to do something more in order to get your hands on the money about what is reasonable, when considering that, although you have made a deposit you can the free spins first. The play through or strike requirement is 50 times the profit which is quite high, but in any case, you can have a lot of fun and not out of their own pocket, even if you do not complete the staking requirement. also gives No Bonus Casino is a top online casino and there are no super deals for Christmas, this online casino gives a money back every day. There are a number of special offers however, so keep your eyes open. No Bonus Casino is believed to be unique in the online casino industry by giving money back if you lose There are conditions of course, but in principle if you make a deposit in your online casino account on each day and manage to the loss of the entire deposit by playing any of the casino games on the site the following working day, you will receive 10% cash back. This is a very good offer on its own, but what distinguishes this from any other form of bonus is that there are no restrictions on what you can do with the money.

As you know, most of the online casinos bonuses in the form of money on your deposit, and it is generally only for new players, but the downside of these bonuses is that the money is placed in a bonus account, where it is not accessible for anything other than playing casino games. In order to get that money released so that it can be withdrawn should be with a bet of about 40 times, and then only on certain casino games. Believe it or not, this makes it very difficult to actually get your hands on some of that bonus money. At No Bonus Casino there are no limitations and you money is placed back into your account, which means that it is your money immediately to do what you want. What is more, is that this applies to every deposit by every player, regardless of how long they have been registered with the online casino. Christmas only comes once a year, with most online casinos, but it seems that at No Bonus Casino it takes 12 months.

Christmas is a special time of the year and many online casinos offer special promotions in December so log in on your online casino on a regular basis to see what is on offer, as some of them will only last for one day and are gone forever.

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UKGC Confirms Statement: Loot Boxes not Gambling

Loot Boxes are Not Considered Gambling by UKGC

the last time, there’s is a lot of discussion about the loot boxes is considered a form of gambling, but according to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), they aren’t.

Loot boxes, also known as the loot crates or crates, are consumable virtual items in video games that can be purchased with in-game credits a player has earned through game play or by purchasing the credits with real money.

While there’s growing concerns about this controversial game feature, the situation really heated up with the release of EA’s long-awaited video game Star Wars: Battlefront II. The game in essence, all but required players to buy in-game currency to buy loot crates to option to play as the most popular characters.

This led to outrage all over the world, particularly in Belgium, where Belgium’s Minister of Justice Koen Geens said he believed in loot boxes should be banned and that he would also be able to push for a Europe-wide ban.

However, according to a recent post published on the official UKGC website, the united kingdom gambling regulator reiterated that in-game features, such as loot boxes are not part of his jurisdiction, because, if the regulator is specified to return in 2016, it’s is not gambling.

In the game include don’t the only real-world value

The one-page post, which was written by UKGC Executive Director Tim Miller, argues that because in-game features have no value in the real world, it isn’t considered gambling.

The difference between traditional gambling and the purchase of a loot crate is, when a player buys casino credits and used them to play the slots, for example, any gains they withdraw can be used in the real world. This activity falls under the umbrella of the UKGC’s regulations.

the Purchase of in-game credits to buy a loot box, on the other hand, it’t gamble, even though the value of a prize is’t always equals the amount of money spent and is determined randomly. This is because the price received may not be traded or used outside the boundaries of the game, so it’s is not gambling in the traditional sense.

Still, although loot boxes can not be considered gambling at the time if this should change in the coming years, regulatory authorities, including the UKGC, it can be required to change the current regulations.

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Casino Reviews

Online Casino Reviews

Gambling online means you will need some casinos to play at, that much is obvious. But which ones are the best? Which offer the greatest bonuses? Coolest games? Smoothest experience? And more importantly, which ones are the safest to use?

Before you get into it, it would be best to find an answer to the above instead of just going with whichever pops up first. One of the most reliable ways to do that is searching for online casino reviews. Documenting yourself with actual feedback from fellow players and reviews from knowledgeable people is not only a good way to scan what’s available out there and pick up suggestions, it could very well assure you your own safety online. This is an important issue whenever it comes to using personal data or registering for whatever reason, be it gaming or otherwise, to a site. Do not suppose that skipping this for the reason that it is just wasted time; prevention is better than cure, as they say.

So, why exactly is this recommended when you are trying to find online casinos, games and bonuses to feed your gambling needs and wants with? Well, firstly because not everything claiming to be a good casino, hot bonus or awesome game is indeed that. Some websites are deceitful and not what they might seem. Designed in order to fool, their aim is to get hold of vital details such as your credit card number, for example, as it is common for gamblers to wager real cash in their play sessions.

Then, reviews tell you detailed information about what you are looking at, so once you established with enough supporting evidence that there is no doubt about legitimacy, you can decide if the said game, bonus or casino is what you want, as they come in a myriad of varieties.
Bellfuritcasino site
Also, the amount of possible choices is astounding and were you to browse through them all, it would be quite the nuisance. On top of that, depending on variable details like location, certain picks could not work for everyone else. may be one of the go-to virtual venues for UK players, Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot might be the top-rated titles for old-school gamblers, but people from different locations or having other tastes and preferences could rather opt for something else. Variety is always good, but at the same time a helping hand while you browse through choices can only bring positive effects, so do not shy away from looking up online casino reviews.

PlayOJO Takes the Lead Once More

playojo casino logo

playojo casino logoFast-growing online casino operator, PlayOJO, has more silverware to her trophy cabinet after being crowned Casino of the Year in Malta’s iGaming Awards.

The operator, which is powered by the popular software provider SkillOnNet, fought off stiff competition to take home the gong. The recognition comes just a few weeks after PlayOJO picked up his first EGR Award – for the Rising Star of the Year – the industry bible’s prestigious Operator Awards 2017 in London.

Ohad Narkis, of PlayOJO, said:

“We are delighted to have been named Casino Operator of the Year at the Malta iGaming Awards. Despite launching less than a year ago, we have already made a significant impact on the industry by taking the player experience to the next level.

This award is recognition of the hard work and dedication of the PlayOJO team, and I’d like to thank the judges for rewarding our achievements and successes on this way.”

Since going live in February, this disruptive challenger brand, has already made a big impression on the UK market, with the unique approach of responsible gambling.

The innovative OJOplus offers rewards players with money back on every wager – whether they win or lose – which can be withdrawn in their wallet.

In an industry-first, all bonuses and rewards come with no wagering requirements, so what players see is what they get – it’s that simple.

Source: SiGMA iGaming Malta 17

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An online casino has many options for making deposits

the Online casinos do their best to attract new customers by offering all types of casino bonuses that are generally so-called deposit matching bonuses, but there are also some interesting alternatives such as No Bonus Casino or free Spins Casino, but as well as the decision which of the many online casinos you to register with, you also have to consider how you are going to have money in your casino play. This does not mean that a part of your ability you are going to use, but which method you will use to deposit money into your casino account once opened. This is an often-overlooked aspect of opening an online casino account until you are prompted by the online casino that you feel rushed in making a decision. All online casinos offer a range casino deposit options, but it is better to think about before you start the registration process, even though it is possible to after the end. It’s all too easy to be in the midst of starting an account and get the credit card if you are asked which casino deposit method you want to use, but although convenient, this may not be the best option available to you. Unfortunately, deposit into your online casino account to play your favorite casino games is not treated the same as other internet transactions.

Generally, using a credit card to pay for something bears no costs for the holder of a credit card, but if you an online casino a deposit, suddenly it is there. You can find the rules buried somewhere in the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement, but what it will tell you is that there is a charge for each form of gambling which is apparently also online casinos, and given the fact that many online casino games, with small margins between the winning and losing of the load can not be ignored. Were this the end of the story might not be too bad, but it is not. To deposit money into your online casino account with a credit card, of course, is immediately available to casino games to play, but since this is considered a cash transaction and if you have ever withdrawn cash from an ATM using a credit card you know what this means. Cash transactions with a credit card attract interest from the day of the transaction and it is calculated on the high rates that credit cards carry and even if you are one of those good people who pay off the balance each month, you will still have to pay the interest. Add this to the costs that the credit card company and the use of a credit card for online casinos no longer makes sense. The only real reason to use a credit card to make an online casino deposit would be if there was a need to effectively borrow the money and that is something that would strongly discourage.

however, There are enough alternatives that online casinos offer that are much cheaper and just as useful. Since shopping on the internet started, and e-Bay was probably one of the first, there are new payment methods, referred to collectively as e-wallets. PayPal may be the first of these, and is developed practically to cater for e-Bay purchases. In fact, e-Bay and PayPal were owned by the same people on a stage. As time has gone on, but there are more and more companies are getting in on the act and now there is a good selection of e-wallets available. Not all online casinos accept all e-wallets for casino’s, but all offer a selection of those that do them. Interestingly enough, PayPal is often the one that is missing and this is probably due to the cost for the online casino compared to the other portfolios. All e-wallets do, of course, a small fee for each transaction, but they are not biased against online casinos as credit cards. The biggest advantage for some of the use of an e-wallet for casino transactions is that the data of your bank account is not known in the online casino although any decent and properly registered casino has a very good encryption systems.

Still a perfectly acceptable method is the use of debit cards and for many this is the preferred method as it doesn’t involve cost. The casino will have your credit card data, but as previously mentioned, this is not a problem with any of the online casinos on the site. Every Irish casino player hopes to make a record of the winnings from their online casino, but what makes that easier than others. All Irish Casino it seems very simple by promising to make the transfer of the winnings within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, and in fact may be a request for pictures for 06:00 casino time will be processed the same day. When registering an account in the online casino will invariably be requests for further details to establish the identity of the customer. This is a requirement of obtaining a license to operate in the case of All Irish Casino is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority which is one of the most important countries in Europe for online gaming. To a first recording of this process should be completed. All Irish Casino is that as simple as possible, but don’t be surprised if you have to upload a copy of your passport or other photo id, together with a copy of a recent utility bill. This can all happen fairly quickly and it is necessary to avoid problems with underage children, want to access online casinos. There should be no charges for withdrawals of casino winnings, but it may need to be via the same method that you have chosen for the making of the deposit in the first place.

As you can see, there is more to opening an online casino account, which, at first glance, but as long as it is made as easy as possible through the online casino, it is just a process that must be followed

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Lightning Gems

They say that diamonds are a girl ’s best friend. Well, in the Lightning Gems from NextGen Gaming gems are there for the player’s benefit, and who don’t like to rain on payouts! The background of this slot is provided of a dark, rain filled clouds in a mountainous landscape. This online casino slot machine Free Spins, Wild Wins and Wanted to Nudge bonus features to boost your payouts.

Gemstone in abundance in the Lightning Gems

There are four magical gems in this slot. These gemstones take different bright colors and they are Yellow, Green, Blue and Red gems. If these stones are so precious, they represent a high-value icons in this slot. You also have playing card icons of low value on the 5 reels and they are equipped with A, J, K, Q, 9 and 10.

With Lightning Gems, you can win both ways on the five reels and three rows. Wins can be done from the right side to the left side of the left-to the right. There are just ten paylines to offer. There is also a Gold Star Wild and a Glowing Blue-Scatter symbol.

The Wild symbol will change the other existing symbols on the reels to help form winning combinations. The only symbol the Wild will not affect the reels is the Glow of the Blue-Scatter symbol.

increase Your Wins With the Bonus Features

There are three bonus features to offer Lightning Gems. This includes Free Spins, Wild Wins and Wanted to Nudge. When you have at least three Glowing Blue scatter symbols, with the view on the reels will earn you ten free spins. The beauty of this round is that there are lots of Wild symbols are added to the reels (Wild Win) to help you land combo wins and three more scatter symbols will retrigger additional free spins.

The Wanted Wins And Wanted to Push In the Lightning Gems

Extra wilds can be included on the reels during the base game and the free spins round. The wilds give players a boost in their quest to land winning combinations. When a wild added to the reels do not contribute to you landing a winning combination, this wild will be nudged back into place. This is a Wild Nudge feature and by urging the wild in position, your chances of winning combinations will be further improved.


The wild in the Lightning Gems is a valuable symbol indeed. It helps with getting wins and with a decent payout. This online video slot comes with a 96.48% RTP. Other than that, you get a pretty good looking game with a simple gameplay.

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Ireland does not have a real casino but online casinos make up for it

Online casinos are available directly in Ireland, but when it comes to an actual casino Ireland is not well served, that’s a pity because there are many Irish casino players who like to go to a resort that had a casino for a few days and enjoy. Although someone did a few years ago the plan was rejected, despite the fact that it would almost certainly have brought additional revenue in the form of taxes, so that all the Irish casino players have with online casinos. Do is probably the wrong terminology such as many of the online casinos offer casino games that would never be found in a land based casino and the range of casino slots is definitely better at an online casino. There are even online casinos which is specially developed for the Irish market, and the reference here is to All Irish Casino in place of one of the larger approved online casinos such as presented by Paddy Power. Paddy Power casino is a great online casino, but if they work all over the world the casino itself is not pleasing Irish casino players, in particular, as All Irish Casino does. All Irish Casino is may not be the largest in the world in terms of numbers of customers that it would be difficult to do active only in Ireland, but it is a very attractive location. Actually, All Irish Casino attracts customers from other countries, but the vast majority of Ireland.

This online casino has chosen to mainly use the casino software from Netent is one of the bigger names in the business and offers a number of very fun casino slots. The thought here is probably that the Irish casino players are there for the fun of it with a desire to make a profit instead of an expectation to do so. A number of the casino slots therefore, such as Gonzo’s Quest™, that are designed with entertainment in mind, but it is still possible to make a number of big wins with a bit of luck. This casino slot has an intrepid explorer in the depths of Peru and his name as you may have guessed is Gonzo. He stands to watch as you play the game sometimes, scratching his beard, waiting for something good to happen. The symbols have a kind of Aztec-themed and are pretty ugly faces carved on stone blocks. They are certainly not the regulation, maps, and bars and fruits, but they are still easy to follow. The unique feature of this casino slot is that a winning combination of the blocks causes them to explode with appropriate sound effects. All the blocks that are at the top of the ones that exploded drop down to take their place with a missing on the top row is replaced. This new scheme can also result in a different winning sequence, and if it did, you’re in luck, because there is a win multiplier on this casino slot that has been moved to double your profit, but the fun is not everything, as the process of blocks exploding and being replaced carries on until no further gain is achieved, and the win multiplier will be moved from 2X to 3x and 5X with consecutive wins. A big win will stir Gonzo in action as he took part in the celebration and try some of the catch of the gold coins in his hat.

The real money is, however, made in the free spins mode is the so-called free fall in this particular slot. Three free falls symbols is not the only cause of the blocks to share, but Gonzo is very happy to guide you to a separate game where the win multiplier starts at 3 so all winnings are automatically tripled, and moves on to 6X, 9X and 15X for consecutive wins. With this is a pretty moderate win quickly becomes something quite substantial. There are of curse also wild symbols to help you along. Gonzo’s Quest is certainly a fun casino slot, but there are others on the All Irish Casino site. If you are looking for something a little more Irish than try Lucky Leprechaun who has the Trail O’Fortune. The free spins in this casino slot are pretty impressive if you get free spins can increase in number, while in the free spins mode, and the win multiplier can increase during the play that can offer some very healthy wins, but the Trail O’ Fortune, which is achieved by getting three or more pots of gold provides an enormous profit multiplier that can reach up to 1000 times.

All Irish Casino also has one of the best live casino options available and it is brought to you of a real casino building in Malta, which is unusual as most of the live casinos are streamed from a room somewhere in Eastern Europe. If you think that you’s a high roller then this is the place to be if the efforts are quite large. Netent casino software has some pretty impressive jackpots on their casino slots that regularly run to more than €1 million and in fact the Hall of Gods™ recently was above the €5 million mark, and Mega Fortune™ at over €4 million. If that’s not enough All Irish Casino also has a number of the jackpot slots from Microgaming such as Mega Moolah™ that are known to almost €10 million. Ireland is, perhaps, no land-based casinos, but with a a specialist in online casinos that focus on the Irish players that offer the chance to win millions from the comfort of your own home who cares?

There are plenty of other online casinos that NetEnt casino software, so that if for some reason, All Irish Casino does not take a look at No Bonus Casino or free Spins Casino. Both of these online casinos carry the NeteNt software, and also they both have promotions not only for new players but for every player on every deposit into their casino account.

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Planet of the Apes

The Planet of The Apes movie franchise is churning out one blockbuster after the other. NetEnt is set to follow this trend with the online casino slot adaptation of the hugely popular film. This slot has a unique double-roll structure and has a number of bonus features to offer. You will say: ‘hail Caesar’ in no time with this slot.

No Monkey Business With Planet of the Apes

This video slot has 20 fixed paylines, 3 rows and 5 reels, for each of the double-roll structure. If you are familiar with the Planet of the Apes movie franchise, then you will know that the leader of the apes is Caesar. The double-roll depict the life and times of the illustrious ape. It shows his time in captivity and his life thereafter.

The rollers act independently in the base game, however, they can combine their powers as bonus features are activated. The reel set on the left-hand side is known as ‘Rise’, it’s symbols; A, J, K, Q, 9 and 10 standard playing card icons. It also consists of three main characters from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes film, as well as Caesar.

The reel set on the right side of the screen is known as ‘the Dawn’. The symbols on these reels set including the three main characters from the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar and the regular playing card symbols.

There are two Wild symbols in this slot. The first can be found on the ‘Rise’ reel set and it is a Golden Wild symbol. The second is the ‘Dawn’ reel set and it is a Red Wild icon. These two Wilds will substitute any other symbols on their respective reels, except the Scatter/Bonus symbol.

Bonus Features Available

There is a Duplicate function in the Planet of the Apes where a symbol for each reel set is chosen randomly. When the reels spin, the symbols will be frozen in their respective positions. However, if the symbols are seen on a roll, then switch over to the reel set they were initially selected from and remain frozen. This feature will improve your chances of landing combo wins, and increase your total payout.

Free Spins

In this online slot, each role has its own free spin mode. There is an Increase of Free Spins and a Dawn of Free Spins. However, they are both activated when a minimum of three scatter symbols are landed the respective roles. The Emergence of Free Spins awards 10 free spins, while the Dawn of Free Spins to give out 15 free spins as a reward. There are other incentives, such as additional free spins and multipliers that can be earned.


This online slot also has the Dawn and the Emergence of bonus features such as Wilds. In the Rise bonus, both humans and monkeys, you will get a cash prize. Before the Dawn bonus, both the apes and man symbols shall be one corresponding icon. Generally, the concept of this slot is very intriguing. This game has a 96.33% RTP.

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