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Now, there is a good chance for a player to be more obsessed with the online casino games even more on a smartphone or tablet, since the player can carry all the games with him where he goes and no matter what he is doing, except driving. It is the feeling of many a number of people, that they can make it more fun on a mobile device, even if you’re at home. There are plenty of free casino game apps are available for mobile devices, visit this site to get some important information about the top casinos. Despite, of experimenting on dozens of free online apps, a player must select the right choice for him. The following listed are the top 5 casino apps:



“Party Casino” is just too good to be on the top of the list of the best casino game app for android of 2017. Because they do not have a specific weather app android, about every game on the platform of the android mobile phone and tablet. Here Slots Party casino ‘s strongest suit, with their platform with mden classics such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, as well as great new games to play, such as Game of Thrones and Castle Builder 1 and 2, the innovative slots machine1 been voted the best online slots game. It is suggested that this is the best mobile casino games to play on android.



“Enerry Casino comes with a mobile friendly platform. For a player who wants to play android need an account here. Energy Casino is the only android casino that gives the player real money free spins when the player logs in. This app provides access to games such as NRVNA, Book of Ra Deluxe, and Mega Moolah. Energy Casino is the only app to offer slots with bonus rounds for android.



The reputation of this casino has gone to the higher located areas such as, they have released their new mobile platform. As a result, Android users can now play games with their mobile devices. Here, Android users must register for an account. BGO offers free spins or free money each week to fund games like Starburst, Aloah, Cluster, Pay, Flame or Fortune Mega Jackpot Cleapatra a progressive slots game for android users. This app is recommended, as for the greatness of the above things that it owns.



“Play Cosmo” is the fourth in the list of the best casino apps for Android users. This is one of the newest online operators mobile games without a real app for Android casino play games. This has about 100+ games, including classics such as Tomb Raider, Angel Girl, Devil Girl, Jungle Jim, and so on. On this app, and no download is required and with a great 200% match bonus up to pound500 can play.



“Lock Joint Casino” it is a great new online operator iwith best online casinos for Android users. This is the fastest-growing brands in gaming today. Here, the Android version has a lot to offer for players who are looking for new games and also to play table classics. Here, the Android casino games that go much further than just slots. It is an instant access to Android mobile device.

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Loyalty Program Benefits

Play online casino games on and collect free Loyalty points at the same time. You automatically become a member of Loyalty Program when you play, it is completely free and offers you many advantages.

How does the Loyalty Program work?

For every Euro played game you receive Loyalty points, depending on your status. Our categories are divided into Bronze status, Silver status, Gold and Diamond status. During games, you collect more Loyalty points and a higher Loyalty status. A higher Loyalty status means that you receive more Loyalty Points for every Euro who played the game. You can exchange these Loyalty Points into bonus money, so in fact, you will save up bonus money at, free of charge.


0 to 10,000 status points

1 status point p/u€ 1, played

1 + 0 loyalty points p/1€ played

Convert award points into bonus money


10.001-25.000 status points

1 status point p/u€ 1, played

1+ 0.5 loyalty point p/1€ played

Convert award points into bonus money


25.001 – 75.000 status points

1 status point p/u€ 1, played

1 + 1 loyalty points p/1€ played

Convert award points into bonus money


75.000 status points

1 status point p/u€ 1, played

1+ 2 loyalty points p/1€ played

Convert award points into bonus money

How can I convert my Loyalty Points?

once you have saved up to 10,000 Loyalty Points you can convert into bonus money at any time. For example, 10,000 Loyalty points is equal to $ 10.00 bonus money. You can convert your points by visiting “Account” and click on “Loyalty”. Here you can choose how many loyalty points you want to convert, then choose ‘Convert to Bonus money”.

please note, that our General terms and Conditions for bonuses apply to all bonus money at

Join us and take advantage of our Loyalty Program!


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An online casino slots of different casino software providers

Online casinos are very dependant on the casino software that they choose to use, but there are far more online casinos than there are casino software providers it is not unusual to find an online casino is much like another. The look of an online casino, of course, is not entirely dependent on the casino software in use, and in fact several online casinos such as in the popular Irish casino site with the name of All Irish Casino have chosen to use in more than one casino software to ensure that the line-up of casino games has been improved. In this example, the majority of the casino games are of the well-known casino software provider NetEnt or Net Entertainment to give their full name. NetEnt has a great choice of slots jackpots such as Arabian Nights™ and Hall of gods™ two jackpots that regularly run into the millions of Euros but All Irish Casino is clear, though, that more were necessary and therefore enlisted the help of the casino software from Quickfire powered by Microgaming to add slots jackpot games such as Major MIllions™ and the well-known Mega Moolah™ slots. In this way, there are at least five casino slot machines with jackpots of more than a million to choose from. The fact that these slots jackpot games can be found on different online casinos is also not bad for the casino, the player represents the jackpots to build that much faster.

the Online casino jackpots are not operated by one online casino provider, but by the casino software company that delivers to the game in the first place. The jackpot is built up over time with every spin that a very small amount. The amount is so small that no player will ever notice. Clearly more spins on the casino slot the faster the jackpot will build, and the more online casinos which have the slot for more spins. It is also often the case that the casino software company to preload the jackpot a certain amount to ensure that there is always a certain minimum value. The problem with the casino slots jackpots, of course, is that you never know when one will fall if the whole thing is determined by a random number generator, which means that, no matter how incredible it seems there is the chance that two jackpots can fall into the consecutive spins and you would be angry if you had a jackpot combination only to find that they had just won and it was worth next to nothing. The chance is very small, but it reinforces the point that the jackpot may at any time, which is the reason why the same casino slot sometimes gives jackpots of slightly more than Eur 1 million and the other time it runs in the millions of dollars. Different casino software providers also have different casino slots, depending on what arrangements they have with other companies. For example at Paddy Power Casino you can find slots with the likes of Batman, Superman and Monty Python which are obviously not the names that you just use without permission.

One of the more interesting names in the casino software market is Amanet that is the name that is used for online games of Amatic Industries. It is likely that you have never heard of these names, not only do most casino players have no idea who the casino software developer of their favorite game is, and also do not care, that they usually, but Amanet is fairly new to the online market. The parent company Amatic is, however, not new to the casino market and is the development of casino slots for a number of years, but the reason is less well known, because they are concentrated on the slot-style machines found in clubs and casinos, and generally the name of the casino software is not prominently placed on the machine. Not so long ago, however, they decided to convert some of their most popular titles online, and to do this, rather than tout their games around existing online casinos, they decided to come together with one company and together create an online casino where games can be played. The company is called and it is directly accessible from this site. The casino slots are varied and generally simpler and easier to follow than some of those around today. In fact, there are still a few simple three-reel slots with a single payline and there is nothing simpler than that.

The favorite casino software of, however, has NetEnt because of the entertainment value of some of their casino slots as well as the originality. There are a number of casino slots in the line-up that, for example, use one of the fifteen independent symbols in place of five reels with three symbols. This gives a much greater flexibility, and new features are added. An example of this can be found on the casino slot Jack Hammer™ and the function is the so-called Sticky Wins™. The way this works is that when a winning combination of symbols is activated, all the symbols in that win be held automatically, and all the others are spun again. With fifteen independent symbols this means that if your winning line of three symbols, there are 12 different symbols that are replaced. In a regular five reel slot, this would not be possible if the entire reel on which the winning symbols to be displayed would be held. The idea is to win by getting more of the same symbols or even a completely new winning line. All of this happens automatically and there is no need for additional money, but the good thing is that there is no limit to the number of times that this can happen in succession. The hold and respin process continues until the victory is not improved, and then the biggest wins or wins it is paid. It is amazing how quickly a simple, small profits can be turned into a serious win. All Irish Casino has this slot machine and much more are of NetEnt casino software.

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Cosmic Crystals

Cosmic Crystals is a five reel slot game is based on the theme of the galaxy and the space. The overview of the game makes you feel like you’re traveling in the area. This is a perfect tribute and reminder of all the astronauts and science fiction movies. There are fifty paylines that make it easy to complete a winning combination at every turn. The background is a pink color theme room with the view of the stars, planets and gases around them. You can also use the animation of twinkling stars and fog, rising from the list below. The music is an intense dark track, that is sure to lure your mind. The betting starts with a single 50p and you can only increase to £ 100 per spin.

About the developer of the Cosmic Crystals

This beautiful and breath taking slot game is developed by Iron Dog (NYX). They are one of the innovative online casino games development companies with a rich experience in the industry. Their games offer pure entertainment along with the opportunity to win some real money on the move.

About the game

The game has amazing graphics with colorful symbols to keep you entertained. The symbols of the Cosmic Crystals are five different kinds of crystals, each with a different vibrant color. These crystals look like delicious candies which make the game even more interesting. The top paying symbol is the yellow crystal with 1000 coins for a five symbol landing on a payline. 10 to the One of the playing cards are the least paying symbols of the game. The two bonus symbols of this game are red, yellow, crystal, and the green RE-SPIN word.
Wild Feature: The red-yellow gradient crystal is the wild of the Cosmic Crystals. It replaces all the symbols of the game. Each time the wild appears, it expands to the entire reel. This makes it easy for you to win larger combinations.
Bonus Re-Spin RE-SPIN is the symbol that stands for a free spin, but it does not appear on the reels. Instead, it is a feature that is activated each time when you do not get a winning combination. So keep you to the free spins, until the time a winning occurs. This feature is activated whenever you do not win a spin. This means that you win in every spin.


With a colorful theme, impressive bonus features, Cosmic Crystals offer a never-before-experienced of slot machines. The return to the player here is 95.01%

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Casino table games are an alternative to the casino slots

Online casinos always have loads and loads of casino slots to choose from and they are of course very popular, but there are a number of great table games, there are and that can be quite fun and also a challenge. The most popular of all table games roulette is probably because it is very easy to play and a bit like casino slots is just a question of luck. There is no skill required to play roulette and contrary to what some people will say that there is no advantage to be gained by knowing what happened. Believe casinos.want to say that if there is no advantage to be gained is, the online casino would provide the necessary information. has a good variety of roulette games with high and low bets, as well as the French, European and American roulette. For the Irish casino players on the European version is almost certainly the best. The French version of roulette is actually the same as the European version, but the layout of the table where you place your bets is something different and makes use of a number of French words, but it is not difficult to work out. American roulette on the other hand, is different and probably is the only one of the many table games that would advice Irish casino players to play.

The reason for this opinion is that the American version of roulette has two zeros ( a single and a double zero and this increases the number of potential results to 38 instead of 37 (in European and French roulette games. For anyone that has not played before, this means that the odds of hitting a single number has decreased from one in 37 to one in 38 that is important, especially when the payout odds remain the same at 35 to one. What is even more important, however, that the zeros are neither odd nor even, nor red, nor black, nor (in a row or column, that means that everyone outside bets lose if a zero drops. By having two zeros the chances of this happening are doubled, so avoid the American roulette if you can. Apart from that roulette is a very simple game with many betting. You can play with a low-risk low-reward game by placing bets on red/black or even/odd, or you can go for the big one 35:1 on single numbers or something in between. There are limits to the amount that can be placed, but the best play is following your favorite songs, or simply spread your money around the table and see what happens.

one of the Other online casino table games available at that is not a skill, is Baccarat, which might seem a bit strange given the reputation that Baccarat is a high rollers game. Baccarat is not as popular at online casinos, but that is probably because many Irish casino players do not understand the game and have never been exposed. In truth, however, baccarat is simplicity itself as there are only three possible bets that one of the two hands to win or for the results to pull. The two hands of a general called the banker and the player but if you can bet on it doesn’t matter what they are called. The banker has in theory a better chance to win, so to counter this, there is always a decrease of 5% in the equal money paid out if the hand wins. A draw is a result that does not happen often, but if it is a winning bet pays out at 9:1. As previously said there is no skill involved in Baccarat and you can’t even play with one of the hands of the dealer plays both hands. This might seem very strange, but fortunately, the hands must be played according to very strict protocols that leave no room for maneuver by the dealer. The count of the card values is a bit strange in the beginning, but with a little reading, you will quickly get used to it.

Blackjack is a very popular casino table game, available on and again, there are different possibilities of high-and low-stakes, but the game is the same. does not agree with some of the descriptions about the purpose of the game as it is written by some who say that the purpose is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over or busting. The aim of blackjack is according to the casino’ is to beat the dealer, which can be reached with a hand that is nowhere near 21. The important thing to remember about online casino blackjack, both the player and the dealer have an equal chance to win, but the player always plays first and if they bust they lose, regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer. If you the classic game play of the draw cards to 16 and stand on 17 or more, you will go bankrupt somewhere approaching 30% to 35% of the time in drawing maps, but this is the strategy employed by the dealer, which means that there is a chance to win if the dealer is drawing cards and you’re still in the game. The problem, of course, is to know when the dealer will draw cards and your only clue is that the map that appears in the hand of the dealer. Nothing is certain in a table game of chance, such as Blackjack, but if the dealer has a 5 or a 6, and you have 14, 15, 16 it is perhaps worth considering to see what happens instead of simply busting and handing over the win of the dealer.

There are plenty of other casino games at online casinos that are not casino slots such as Red Dog, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and even a Pontoon and they all have their charms, so try something else.

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The World wouldn’t be as beautiful without colors and us as humans are blessed with a vision to enjoy all the colors of the nature. Paint is a slot game based on the theme of this beautiful creation of nature. The game has five reels and twenty paylines that the different winning combinations. The background of the slot is a snow-capped stone wall. Behind the wall are the frozen trees with thick fog around. On the wall you will find five vertical color stripes, each with a different color that five reels. A fast, cheerful music in the background keeps you full of energy the whole way along. The betting starts with 20p and you can only increase up to a maximum of £100 per spin.

About the developer of Paint

This colorful and amazing slot game is developed by Iron Dog (NYX). They are one of the best casino games development company with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. Their games are playable on most mobile devices, of the current generation which makes it easy to play from any location.

About the game

As the name of the game suggests, it is all about colorful Paint here. The symbols are a palette with paintbrush, red, green and blue bottles with a number of objects in them. A, 10, Q, K, and J of the playing cards are symbols that pay out a lower bet. The symbols that you can win the highest amount of the rewards is the blue bottle with a pink power-symbol. With five of its appearance on one payline, you can win up to 2000 x your bet. There are three bonus symbols in this game as well. They are five colored swirl wheel, three colors of balloons with a frame and a pink color splash.

Wild Bonus: The five-colored swirl wheel is the wild symbol of the game. It replaces all symbols other than the balloon and splash. All living in the wild lands to expand their roles and offer a greater winning combinations.

Splash Spins: The pink color splash is the scatter symbol of the Paint. Each appearance of this symbol is built up in empty spaces outside the reels. Once the five spaces are filled with splashes, you get five free spins. All wins during the free games are multiplied by 4x.

Balloon Blast: Three or more balloon symbols trigger a bonus level. Here you need to destroy each balloon which reveals a multiplier. At the end of the level, the total number of multipliers are added to your bet and that is your reward.


Paint is a very creative and unique slot machine with a wide variety of bonuses to win. The theme is very entertaining and winning is an easy deal here.

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There are alternatives to the normal casino bonus for new players

It seems that each and every online casino wants to give players an casino bonus, but most of them are for new players, so once you’ve signed in and had the bonus that it is for the rest of your life, or at least until you sign up for an online casino. Not only is the casino bonus is only for new players, but they make it as difficult as possible for you to actually get your hands on any money from that bonus. It is worth reading the details of the casino bonus to decide whether you want to bother or not, and although there is nothing to lose by accepting the offer, it could save a lot of disappointment if you understand how difficult it is to meet the requirements. A typical casino bonus for new players is focused on the first deposit that the player makes into their casino account, although there are sometimes offers that the second and third deposit of the casino. It is normal for the online casino to say that they will match your first casino deposit of 100% up to a maximum amount. This means that if you make a deposit of €100 is, for example, that the online casino will give you €100, but your deposit of €100 goes into your account with the bonus money goes into a bonus account. Both amounts can be used for playing the casino games, but the difference is that the money in your account can be withdrawn, but cash in your bonus account may not be able to withdraw the cash bonus, account must be first transferred to your player account.

This transfer can only be done when certain requirements have been met, and that requirements are generally expressed as play through requirements or strike requirements. It is quite normal for online casinos to ask you to wager the bonus amount that you have received 40 times more than for a transfer can be made, so in the same example of the receipt of €100 as a casino bonus which you will need to the game is €4000 before the transfer can be made. There are also restrictions on which casino games can be played as a qualification for the staking requirement. In many cases, casino games such as roulette or blackjack that are considered to be a low-risk games do not count at all in the direction of the strike claim, or if they do it for a very low percentage, for example 10%. If roulette counts for 10% and you play you must wager €40000 before a transfer can be made. All of this is designed to ensure that you are never to take advantage of the casino bonus other than that you can play for longer. There are online casinos that offer has a central figure of 20 times play through requirement, but this will apply to your bonus money plus your original deposit and it does not take a math genius to work out that with a 100% deposit match up to 40 times your bonus is exactly the same as 20 times your bonus plus the deposit. Where the second and third deposits qualify for a bonus, it will almost certainly be for a lower percentage, such as 50% or even 25%.

There are no ways to obtain this style of the casino bonus, but there are online casinos that have a different approach altogether. One of these online casinos is an appropriate name, No Bonus Casino that can be accessed directly from these site and their way around the problem is not to give a casino bonuses, also not to the Irish casino players. Nobonuscasino, however, provide an alternative for many, it is a lot better, and that is money back if you lose. The system is very simple and says that if you make a deposit in your casino account within certain limits on each day and manage to lose it all on the same day, the next day you will get 10% back as cash. The difference between this and other forms of casino bonus is that the cash back is placed in your player account and not in a form of bonus account, which means that you can do what you want, including the repeal of it if you wish. The next good thing about this form of casino bonus is that it is not only for new players, but it is available for all players on every deposit into their casino account, no matter how long you have been registered. This seems to be a very good alternative to the standard casino bonus for new players and No Bonus Casino uses the well known NetEnt casino software which there are a large variety of casino games.

There is also another alternative on the market, which you can find on Free Spins Casino that is also listed on the site. Freespinscasino offers free spins on a selection of casino slots in place of a regular casino bonus so, when you make a deposit into your casino account, you automatically qualify for the free spins. The number of free spins depends on the size of your deposit and the casino slot you choose to play at, but it can be a few hundred. The free spins are quite separate from the normal play of cash, but you can imagine that the chances of making money with the free spins is quite high, so there are strike requirements for no money from the free spins before it can be placed in your account, but the good thing is that, even if you fail to complete the requirements with the income that you have still a lot of fun free of charge and your deposit is still there. Again, this is not only an offer for a new registration; it is available for all players on every deposit into their casino account, no matter how long you’ve been playing in the online casino. Of course, you can opt-out of receiving the free spins.

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New Jersey Online Casino Revenue Exceeds 600m

New Jeresey Online Casino Revenue Continues to Grow

Since the legalization of online gambling in New Jersey in 2013, on the earnings of online casinos in the US state have increased to more than a whopping $ 600 million.

In the past month (July) only, New Jersey online casinos generated more than $ 3.6 million in tax revenue. What’s more, the introduction of two new online entrepreneurs – Scores and playMGM – helped gross profit in July, rising to $ 20.6 million. According to the state of the Division of Gaming Enforcement, the total tax revenue in the bill for New Jersey amounted to $ 108.1 million.

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, which is home to online-only brands such as Golden Nugget, SugarHouse, and Betfair, remains the state’s leading operator. It has reached a record $ 125 million milestone in lifetime sales of casino games.

lead analyst for Steve Ruddock, said that “The Golden Nugget’s success is a proof of the great equalizing power of online gaming. On the Internet, a small casino can compete with casinos two or three times its size.”

Ruddock is also to be noted that the increase in revenue is also due to the fact that many companies are on the way to the “Jersey Shore to grab a piece of the online gaming action.”

The reason? Other states like Pennsylvania continue to battle over legalizing iGaming, the departure from New Jersey to enjoy all the spoils of legalized gambling on the internet.

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Just Jewels Deluxe Slot Review

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Just Jewels Deluxe is the base of the slot machine powered by Novomatic. The game comes with a great theme with heart-shaped jewelry, gold bars, euro signs, king crowns and dollar bills. Except for the scatters, all the other symbols will come stacked symbols. So for all symbols, except scatters, stacked symbols. The meaning of the symbols can be won all 10 of the paylines simultaneously.

Just Jewels Deluxe Slot

This is a basic slot game with 10 Paylines and no bonus games and free spins. The best thing is, you can profit from right to left, left to right, or even of the 3 middle reels. You Win the game only if the winning combination on the payline.

History and Themes

Today, you’ll spend most of the time in the workplace, so it is not an easy thing to take time for a visit to a local casino. Novomatic understands the problem and provides an easy access to free slot games, and allows you to come out of the stress. This is the main motto behind the development of Jewels Deluxe Slot Game, and can be played on desktops & mobile phones under the eye-catching graphics and sound effects. The game is based on the estimate with the theme of the old school thoughts. You can enjoy and experience the classic feel, while playing this game.

Game features

This is a unique and unusual slot machine with many possibilities. You can win the game in 3 combinations on a payline, that means that from right to left, from left to right and on the middle 3 reels. The other unique thing about the game is it has no wild symbol. The game comes with bonus games or free spins. The game is mostly preferred by hardcore gambling enthusiasts, and who are not looking for bonuses and free spins, but interested to make huge profits.

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iGaming Ban Gets Approval in Australia

iGaming Ban Australia

Bad news for Australian players who love online gambling. Senators in Australia have agreed to a iGaming ban, the approval of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016. The bill amends the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 and it will online casino and online poker illegal in the country.

The new law is set to go into effect within 30 days. That being said, according to the local press, a planned blocking of the ISP’s of non-licensed operators targeting Australian players will not be taking place in the near future.

The bill quickly passed by the upper house of the Australian Parliament, just a week after the Participation of Australians in the Online Poker hearing held by the Senate Environment and Communications references Committee. The hearing invited testimony from local online poker players and other interested parties. The hearing prompted these persons to give their views on the question of whether online poker should be banned or excluded from the iGaming ban.

Some, like Senator David Leyonhjelm, have argued that online poker should not be classified in the same way as casino games, because poker is a game of skill. The senator, who has long been the main advocate for the preservation of the legalization of online poker, is pushing for the development of a regulated online market consists of the correct taxes and monitoring instead of a widespread ban on these services.

Leyonhjelm has not yet had any success and many companies are not interested in sticking around. 888poker, PokerStars and Gaming Innovation all fled Australia online poker market prior to the passing of the bill. Now, with an impending iGaming ban, more operators are sure to follow, and no longer accept players from Australia.

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